Donations to the Planet Birdsong Foundation allow us to contribute to protecting world biodiversity, habitats and the human condition. Your donations help us with operational costs and provide essential tools and resources to active members of the Planet Birdsong community. Our most pressing needs are core funding, targeted funding for specific aspects of our Rwanda project, and costs associated with ongoing development of our tools and content. Small donations are welcome-and can make a big difference. Ongoing contributions can support our partners over the course of their education, and development funding can encompass as much or as little as you can offer.
Nyungwe Young Birders

Assist with our work in Rwanda
Rwandan participants comprise students and academics in schools, polytechnic colleges, and universities as well as working guides. We are developing citizen science programmes to increase local engagement with the programme.
  • £100 provides a basic stipend which enables a local trainer to work part time (5 days per month equivalent) with clubs, students and guides. Grants covering expenses for travel, internet data, and access to important bird areas and other areas outside the National Parks would be allocated separately
  • £200 allows us to provide additional recording equipment including a Parachirp parabola for one of our local trainers.
  • £300 enables a two-day visit by one of our Rwandan recordists to a bird rich area such as one of the National Parks, covering transport, food, camping, and necessary medical such as a covid test.
  • £400 sponsors a student to receive local training for 12 months, providing equipment and data support. Students usually train in groups.
  • £500 enables a group of 10 students to visit a National Park for two days. Here the students are exposed to the very special birds of the Albertine Rift in Akagera National park or the Lake Victoria savannah area. They receive intensive training in birdwatching, identification and bird sound recording techniques. Their passion for birds and nature grows by leaps and bounds.

The Wild Watch
Fund a workshop in the UK
Planet Birdsong worked for three years with The Wild Watch in the Nidderdale Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. We delivered birdsong workshops in fifteen primary schools, created mobile games that embedded in people of all ages the necessary knowledge to take part in an owl survey, created birdsong-derived songs with a community choir and other local musicians, worked with gamekeepers on classifying curlew songs and calls, led dawn chorus walks, and documented the effects of our activities on raising local awareness of nature, all working side by side with local practitioners who could continue the work after we had left. Would you be interested in collaborating to enable this level of immersion in birdsong in your local community?
  • £500 (plus reasonable travel expenses) pays for a specially designed day’s activities in a school or community the UK which will open the door to an enhanced appreciation of birdsong.

Support our operations & development
It’s not very glamorous but one of our greatest challenges is to raise funds to cover basic operational costs. These are not huge sums, but anyone who helps will make a disproportionate contribution to the welfare of Planet Birdsong.

We are likewise always in need of funding to continue development and enhance our offerings. Your contributions support our creation of innovative new ways to engage the world with Planet Birdsong. We also welcome contributions in kind in any of these areas.